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Friday, December 28, 2007

Analyze — Step-by-Step Usability Guide

Before you design and write your Web site, you should find out how well your current site is working and set measurable usability goals. You should learn as much as you can about your users and their tasks. Personas, scenarios, and measurable usability goals all help you focus on users, their tasks, and their expectations.

Evaluate Your Current Site

  • Does the Web site meet your organization's objectives and your usability goals?

  • Is the site meeting the needs of your users?

  • Does the Web site comply with basic Web guidelines?

Learn About Your Users

  • What I need to know about users

  • How can I learn about users?

  • Users research Techniques including surveys, interviews, contextual interviews, card sorting, and usability testing

Conduct Task Analysis

  • hat is task analysis?

  • What does task analysis focus on?

  • What does task analysis involve?

  • What are the benefits of task analysis?

Develop Personas

  • What is a persona?

  • How do we get information for a persona?

  • What does a persona look like?

  • What are the benefits of personas?

  • What characteristics are included in a persona?

Write Scenarios

  • What is a scenario?

  • When should you use scenarios?

  • How detailed should a scenario be?

  • How do you gather scenarios?

Set Measurable Usability Goals

  • What is a measurable usability goal?

  • What types of measurable usability goals should we set?

  • Which types of measures should you rely on most?

  • How do you set measurable usability goals?

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