Web-Promotion(SEO):-Search engine optimization (SEO) often requires making changes to the source code of a site, it is often most effective when incorporated into the initial development and design of a site, leading to the use of the term "Search Engine Friendly" to describe.Web-Testing:-The software to exercise some portion of its code . The test Engineer of the software can then check that the results produced by the software are in accord with the expectations.

Friday, December 28, 2007

Web Promotion & Web Testing


Web Promotion :-

Search Engine Optimization [SEO] Important Steps

Prime Visibility customizes each SEO campaign to meet your specific needs. However, the following basic processes are used for each of our SEO clients. We have found that these steps are essential to making your website successful in the near and long-term.

Step 1: We prepare an Analysis Report that shows us the condition of the website at the beginning of the pre-client process. It is reviewed with the webmaster.

Step 2: We will determine the site's specific goals and target markets and success-measurement tools.

Step 3: We research, analyze, and determine the most relevant and targeted keyword and keyword phrases for the business or organization.

Step 4: The client reviews the list and selects those that are most suitable and approves the targeted keywords for inclusion in the SEO program.

Step 5: We then do a thorough analysis of the site. This is another level of in-depth analysis, we examine site structure, navigation, site map and other elements that may hold back search engines crawling and indexing your pages. We will suggest changes to file name conventions and new page names where appropriate.

Step 6: We will go through the site and determine which web pages need changes in order to better target the approved keywords. Search Engines LOVE written content on the pages we prepare suggested and submit it to you for approval and implementation.

Step 7: Once client approves the pages to be changed, our content writers will either write or edit the pages based on the targeted keywords.

Step 8: We create Meta tags, Title tags and ALT tags with targetting your keywords. This is done on an individual page basis depending upon the page content. not repeated from homepage tags.

Step 9: We test the site to see if all applications are working correctly. We test the site from 'outside sources' to ensure the changes are visible from other entry points to the site.

Step 10: Once site is approved, we will begin the process of manually submitting your website to the search engines and directories. We will monitor closely the inclusion of the site pages into each search engine index.

Step 11: We will be able to begin tracking positive results almost straight away. Some of the search engines and directories take approximately 5-10 weeks after the site submissions to become listed and ranked.

Step 12: If necessary, we will perform a short-term modification to the site's content to improve traffic and results.

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