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Friday, December 28, 2007

Design — Step-by-Step Usability Guide

When you are ready to design the site, you should set requirements for the features, functions, and content of the site. Card sorting can help you organize the site logically for users. Writing for the Web guidelines will help you put useful and usable content on your site. With parallel design, you can generate and agree on good design ideas very quickly.

Determine Web Site Requirements

  • What are requirements?

  • How do you develop requirements?

  • How detailed should requirements be?

  • How do you use requirements?

Conduct a Content Inventory

  • What is a content inventory?

  • Why conduct a content inventory?

  • What goes into a content inventory?

  • How do you get a content inventory?

  • How do you organize a content inventory?

  • What do you do with a content inventory?

Perform Card Sorting

  • What is card sorting?

  • What are the benefits of card sorting?

  • What are the different types of card sorting?

  • How do you conduct a card sort?

Define the Information Architecture

  • How do you define the information architecture for your site?

  • How do you determine what should go on the home page?

  • How can you use card sorting to help you define your categories and labels?

  • How do you create a site map?

  • What is a wireframe and how do you create one?

Writing for the Web

  • How do you select what your audience needs?

  • How should you organize your content?

  • How do you write clearly?

  • How do you write visually?

Use Parallel Design

  • What is parallel design?

  • What are the benefits of parallel design?

  • How have others conducted parallel design?

  • How does parallel design work?

Develop a Prototype

  • What is a prototype?

  • When should you build a prototype?

  • Why build a prototype?

  • Why use low-fidelity prototypes?

  • Does fidelity make a difference?

Program the Site

  • When should you begin programming?

  • When should you test the site?

  • What about accessibility?

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